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  Islam and Other Religions

What is Islam's view about Jews?

Are non-Muslims allowed inside Mosques ?
Who is a Caliph and how is he chosen?
What do Muslims believe about past Prophets and scriptures?
What is the punishment for apostasy in Islam?
What is the punishment for blasphemy in Islam?
What is the difference between Ahmadi Muslims and other Muslims?
Do Muslims have loyalty to their faith before the country they live in?
Conflict and Terrorism

Was Islam spread by the sword?
Are the West and Islam at War?
What is Islam's view on terrorism?
Is suicide bombing ever justifiable?


What is Jihad?
Who can engage in Jihad?

an Muslims integrate in non-muslim country? Language, social integration.


What is the Islamic concept of equality between men and women?
Are women allowed in mosques?

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Why was there so much fighting during the early Caliphate?
The Veil

What is the concept of veiling in Islam?
Do Muslim women have to wear veils?
Why do Muslim women wear overcoats in hot weather?


Islamic concept of khilafat, establishment of a Khalifa.
Other Questions

According to Islam how should animals be treated?
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